UPDATED September 6th, 2017

You cannot deny there are numerous places to visit in Mexico where you can appreciate its rich and colorful culture, history and people. Artist Marc Vigil moved to Mexico and explained it well to the NY Times: “Here in Mexico, everything is possible. There is more work and in attitude here, there is more of a spirit of struggle and creativity.” Like many, Vigil finds inspiration, solace and comfort in Mexico and we can’t blame him.

September 16 is Mexican Independence Day, when we celebrate all that Mexico has been and will be as it continues to grow as a country and a people. To honor all that is Mexico (and because we might be a little Mexi-crazy ourselves), here are 20 places to visit in Mexico that you’ll fall in love with right now.

1. The People
Mexicans are friendly and that’s no stereotype. For real, people in Mexico aren’t afraid to lend a hand or say hello to strangers on the street. They’re a happy, welcoming people.

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