The-New-and-Improved-Surprise-Party-MainPhotoUPDATED September 6th, 2017

Being a social network genius is in a Libra’s astrological blood.  Party planners of the Zodiac, Libra’s love having friends. They take joy in marinating in their social networking skills (which they deem very important—more than any other Zodiac sign). Known to think before they speak (unlike certain fire signs), they tend to be diplomatic and courteous as well.

In fact, Libras are the perfect friend to invite along to a party with social networking opportunities. This free yet cautious air sing will blend right in. Never will they make a scene since their need for balance surpasses any ego-driven emotion.

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Symbolized in the Zodiac by the scales of justice, Libra is focused on balance, harmony and beautifying their personal worldview. “Libra’s a human’s human, a total people person with their hearts set on understanding and relating to others on a meaningful level, ” says Nylon magazine’s Christie Craft. “Libra’s prowess in navigating personalities makes them more powerful and effective with other people.”

So how can you channel Libra’s social networking graces with people and expand your own network at the same time?