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Did you know that more babies are born in the September than in any other month? That’s because between the cold weather and the holiday cheer, a lot of couples find extra “cuddle time” in December and January! So to salute all this year’s impending arrivals, we present this gift guide for new moms and new babies, perfect for the soon-to-be mothers in your life!

For Stylish Moms
Think there’s nothing attractive about teething? Chewbeads is rethinking teething toys, with stylish—yes, stylish!—teething jewelry for mom to wear and baby to gnaw on. This bright, colorful bracelets and necklaces are 100% silicon and baby-safe, plus they are jewelry you’ll be happy to wear. From $14.50 to $36.50.

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Once baby arrives, help Mom carry the special day with her always, with Not Just Any Old Day “Datesake” calendar jewelry. Each handcrafted pewter necklace, ring, charm or bracelet features a calendar with Baby’s birthdate marker with a Swarovski crystal. From $55 to $120.

Most new moms don’t have even a few minutes to spare for self-pampering. And for styling their hair? Forget it! But UrbanHalo headbands can help Mom go from frazzled to pulled together in a moment’s notice. Colorful and lightweight, they’re priced from $10-$15.

When I was pregnant and later, breastfeeding, I was always super-careful, not only with what I ate but with the hair and skin-care products I used. Whistler Naturals’ all-natural, fruit-based products pamper skin, fight the aging process and are completely safe to use during pregnancy and lactation. From $7.98 to $29.98.

For the expectant mom and her loved ones, BellyBuds is a one-of-a-kind way to communicate with Baby while he’s still in the womb! This comfortable sound system for babies allows parents and loved ones to play music, soothing sounds, and even talk to their baby in utero. Babies start hearing in the womb at 20 weeks! From $49.99 – $71.99.

For Stylish Babies
Mom gets her jewelry to celebrate pregnancy and birth, so why shouldn’t her little girl get some bling, too? Isabelle Grace girls’ collection features sweet, simple, durable designs for babies and toddlers. My daughter loves her Lovely Hearts Bracelet, which features her initial and a colorful Swarovski crystal. From $32 to $68.

Flame resistant, chemical free and super-soft, PatientStyle pediatric wear offers pajamas, crib sheets and swaddlers for your little bundle of joy. We like the infant gown, which offers the security of a sleep sack while still making diaper changes a snap.

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Help your littlest family member fight off colds, flu and allergies with Dots on Tots organic cotton hats and headbands. Protective earflaps and a chinstrap keep them safe from chill and wind, and the warm, soft material is safe for kids with skin sensitivities. From $12.99 to $34.99.

For Babies & Toddlers on the Go
I look back now to when my daughter was a newborn, and wish I’d done a lot of things differently. First, I would have gotten a better takealong changing pad, other than the cold plastic one that came with her diaper bag. The Lili’s Bebe Pad has soft, warm fleece on Baby’s side but is slip and leak resistant too. $17.99.

I would have found other ways to make life easier too, including a scaled-down diaper bag. The Wipe Me Cute diaper clutch (that already sounds a lot less bulky, doesn’t it?) is a slim, highly portable diaper tote that carries 2-3 diapers, plus a pocket for wipes, diaper cream and Mom’s (or Dad’s) essentials like keys, phone and credit cards. So much better than hauling around a overstuffed diaper bag and your purse. $39.99.

Too many times, especially when your baby is little, you don’t know what kind of high chair you’ll get at a restaurant. Is it too big? Missing a safety bar or belt? Or do they only have one high chair and it’s in use? The Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair is a safe, lightweight solution for kids up to 3 years old. It’s also great for outdoor events like picnics and afternoons at the park. $67.99.

When you have a newborn, it seems like it will be a lifetime before she’s eating solids or kicking the back of your car seat. But trust me, those days are coming! And when I want to feed my daughter on the go or make sure she packs a healthy snack for preschool, I’m happy to have discovered Squeez’Ems reusable food pouches. Free of harmful plastics and safe for freezer, microwave and dishwasher, these reusable pouches are great for smoothies, yogurt and any pureed foods. $7.99 for a pack of two.

Once you turn your toddler’s car seat around, you’ll wonder where she learned to kick so well! The Prince Lionheart Backseat Kickmat ($13.99) will save your upholstery and your sanity. Or try Prince Lionheart’s Backseat Organizer ($24.99), which will keep your car clean and your little kicker occupied with space for toys, books, drinks and other surprises.