10 Things Women Need to Know About Immigration in 2014-MainPhoto

10 Things Women Need to Know About Immigration in 2014-MainPhoto

COSMO Latina Logo-ReducedYou don’t have to be an immigrant to care about reform. Whether you’re a U.S. citizen or undocumented, the issue affects everyone — especially young American women.

1. Immigration is a women’s issue.

Though the media and political pundits insist on almost exclusively showing us images of male undocumented immigrants, the fact of the matter is that  about 3/4 of all immigrants are women and children!

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2. Immigrant women’s fight for reproductive rights is our fight for reproductive rights.

According to the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Rights, immigrant women are less likely to receive adequate reproductive health care, including cervical and breast cancer screenings and treatment, family planning services, and HIV/AIDS screening and treatment, meaning that our undocumented neighbors, friends, and coworkers are not privy to the same reproductive health rights we have fought for, not to mention this can be a danger to the country’s overall sexual health.

Read the full article on Cosmopolitan for Latinas.

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