Many of us forget to set New Year’s resolutions for our love life. That’s a big no-no in my relationship expert book! Nurturing existing relationships or finding innovative ways to mingle if you’re single is just as important as weight loss and career goals. So, let’s make this a priority for 2013. Here are ways to set New Year’s resolutions for your love life!

It may sound simple but being truthful about your current romantic situation, or lack thereof, isn’t always pleasant. Take a look back at where you’ve been. What men did you attract in 2012, 2011, and 2010? Why have your relationships failed in the past? If you are in a relationship, what struggles remain? What do you need to work on as a couple? Take responsibility for how you’ve contributed to your current relationship status. Being accountable about where you stand is a must before setting new intentions!

It’s a New Year and you deserve a healthy and fruitful romantic relationship! How do you achieve this? By knowing what you need from a partner. Think back again. What has made you happy in relationships? Jot these things down in a notebook. If you’re stumped, check out The Five Love Languages. This book assesses different ways that people express and receive love. If you need to hear sweet nothings to feel loved in a partnership, you need to be honest and express this need. Reflect, write it down, and speak up. Tell your partner your desires. If you’re single, keep your list tucked away to remind you of your needs. That way you won’t settle for less than you deserve.

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Writing a letter to your partner or future partner is a great way to receive what you desire or to nurture your current relationship. If single, write a note to your future partner, describing the qualities you desire in a mate. This calls on the Law of Attraction. If you are attached, this is a great way to show your partner gratitude. If your relationship is suffering, you can also use this letter to take responsibility for your actions. Write a letter as a couple. Read the letters as a unit and have a healthy discussion about how to move forward in the New Year.

Whether it’s forgiveness, adventure, or abundance, words have power. Sit down with your mate and decide on a word to set the tone for the New Year. If you’re single, chose a word that represents where you want to be in the New Year romantically. Write it on a piece of paper. Frame the word. Put it on your refrigerator. Whatever works for you as a couple or as an individual, make sure your word is front and center! This will serve as a reminder and keep you and your relationship on track.

So, move on to the next year with love and positive energy. Set love intentions because love also matters!