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[Mamiverse’s Bilingual Plus is an online channel devoted to bringing parents and educators the bilingual learning tools they need in the form of digital picture books, sing-alongs, and free curriculum-based family activities.]

José-Luis Orozco has spent his life on a mission—to promote the learning of Spanish and an appreciation and understanding of Latin American culture. And he’s fulfilled his mission as creatively as possible—as a singer, songwriter, author, entertainer and most of all, as an educator. 2013 marks Orozco’s 40th year of creating bilingual music for children, and he’s marking the event in a few big ways: with a fall tour throughout the United States and a new creative partnership with Mamiverse!

But before we get to Orozco’s exciting new project with Mamiverse, here are a few things about him you may or may not know:

  • He has created 15 CDs, a DVD, and 3 award-winning songbooks.
  • His catalog of music and books has grossed more than $200 million worldwide.
  • He performs before more than 100,000 educators a year and helps them bring bilingual curriculum to their classrooms.
  • His latest CD is a 20-track compilation album titled Favorite Spanish Songs for Kids with José-Luis Orozco.

Orozco began his singing career at just 8 years old. His early experiences touring the world with the Mexico City Boy’s Choir awakened the cultural knowledge and awareness that would shape and define his lifelong career. Orozco went on to complete college and graduate school in California, and from there, launched his career in singing and writing for children. The content of his bilingual CDs and books ranges from beloved children’s songs, like “Old McDonald” and “Itsy Bitsy Spider” to nursery rhymes, poems and tongue-twisters, always told or sung in English and Spanish.

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José-Luis Orozco’s mission to promote and encourage bilingualism and an appreciation for Latin American culture matches so closely with Mamiverse’s mission to empower Latina moms and families and celebrate our multicultural heritage. That’s why Mamiverse is thrilled to partner with Orozco on a series of DVDs and CDs available through our new Bilingual Plus channel.

“We at Mamiverse are delighted to have this opportunity to work in partnership with José-Luis,” says Rene Alegria, founder and CEO of Mamiverse. “He is a true visionary in the field of bilingualism early and early childhood education, and an immensely talented performer and storyteller. We look forward to helping new generations of young Latinos and Latinas learn about and celebrate our vibrant, many-textured Hispanic culture and language.”