Help Your Kids Embrace Their Mixed Heritage-MainPhoto

Help Your Kids Embrace Their Mixed Heritage-MainPhoto

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As the daughter of a mother born and raised in Puerto Rico and an American father, and as one half of a bicultural marriage, it’s always been important to me to help my kids embrace their mixed heritage. My own parents never placed any emphasis on the fact that they were from different cultures, and I loved and embraced my dual heritage. I remember hearing the salsa and merengue around the house as my mom did her regular Friday cleaning, and I recall picking up the Spanish language as if it were a contagious tune from a record player.

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  1. Silvina
    Silvina says:


    I always enjoy your writing! And this article hit right home. It isn’t easy to maintain my heritage alive in such a “gringo” house. Our recent move back to North FL probably won’t help. I always felt that food is a big cultural component, which is easy to pass on from one generation to the next one. I was spoiled by my abuela so I don’t cook! In my house, besides some Spanish here and there, heritage is passed on through sports. I’ve been lucky because Uruguay performed exceptionally well during the World Cup 😉

    Whether food, sports or even politics (the 3 Latino pillars), this topic is always on the top of my head. Giving school work a cultural twist is so much fun! The annual theme at my son’s new school is “Around The World in 180 Days” so I’m taking advantage of it and already offered the teachers to go and make a presentation about Latin America in general and Uruguay in particular.

    So much room to be creative while giving our children a piece of home 🙂

    • Eileen Carter-Campos
      Eileen Carter-Campos says:


      I appreciate your comment. I totally agree with you–coming from a Puerto Rican mom and American dad..I always felt like I had the best of both worlds! There are so many other ways to spread the goodness of our culture.
      I appreciate your comments and support.

      Mil gracias!!!!


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