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Even though we’re only half-way through the summer, my children are going back to school on Monday. So, for all intents and purposes, our summer is almost over. And what a summer it has been! Vanessa and Santiago have been immersed in Spanish all.summer.long and it has been an experience like no other.

First, as many of you know, we spent a whole month in Puerto Rico with my husband’s side of the family where my children were not only fully immersed in Spanish, but also in Puerto Rican culture. Vanessa got to attend a summer camp for two weeks with one of her cousins and the rest of the time was spent going to the beach, the pool and on all kinds of paseos to get to know their father’s homeland a bit better.

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During our stay, I asked Vanessa to keep a journal. I didn’t pester her too much about it, but I wanted her to have a keepsake of her trip to Puerto Rico — and for her to practice her writing skills too! I never told her what language to use, and I must say I was utterly surprised (and thrilled) when she read me her first entry and it was in Spanish. Proud mom that I am, I have to share that when I showed her grandfather some of her journal entries, he was amazed that she’s never received any kind of formal instruction in Spanish.

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