We know, we’re not supposed to play with our food. But Halloween food ideas make it he perfect time to play with your food. A dip with chips or veggies is the perfect dish for munching on quickly and while standing, since on Halloween you and your family may be in costume and sitting down may not be feasible when you’re dressed as Sponge Bob Square Pants. Dips are also a lot healthier than candy.

“Halloween can be fun with or without candy. It’s true, you can avoid the candy crush and still enjoy the whimsical spirit of the holiday by tapping into your creative side. The trick is play with your food,” advised the Mayo Clinic’s Katherine Zeratsky. Not only do people dress up on Halloween, so do these 8 dip recipes that are drop dead delicious, fun, and relatively easy to make.

1. Halloween Brain Dip
No wonder most of us were never fans of cauliflower; it’s because once you hollow a head of this vegetable out and fill it with smashed avocado mixed with salsa, you’ll shiver at how much it really looks like smashed brains. Eww so good.

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2. Creamy Onion-Bacon Dip
Serve up this potently tasty dip served in an acorn squash….by the looks and taste of it, be sure to make double the recipe because those zombies are heavy dippers. You’ll need onions, leeks, cream cheese, sour cream and lots of crispy cooked bacon.

3. Bloody Brains Shrimp Cocktail
Creepy, yet oh so yummy. Serve this brainy shrimp cocktail with assorted crackers or celery sticks. You’ll need about two pounds of large shrimp, peeled, deveined, and cooked, powdered gelatin, horseradish, salt, lemon, cayenne pepper, and cocktail sauce.


4. Pumpkin Dip
Served within a small-halved pumpkin, wow you ghoulish guests with this perfect autumn dip made with a can of solid packed pumpkin, cream cheese, sugar, cinnamon, pumpkin spice, and orange juice concentrate.  Serve with ginger snaps.

5. Spider Web Dip
This is one of our favorite Halloween food ideas. The trick to this spider-y dip is putting sour cream in a plastic baggie with one end snipped to draw a web pattern over your bowl of dip. Then add fake spiders and it’s instantly frightening! We recommend a layered-taco dip, with some bloody red tomatoes on top.

6. Halloween Coffin Dip
This hilarious coffin is made of one big loaf of unsliced rectangular bread. While the undead released within takes a stroll outside, dip in to this delicious artichoke dip made with mayonnaise, garlic, parmesan, almonds, red bell pepper, and garlic to rid vampires.


7. Rest in Peas
This drop dead delicious dip requires thin white sandwich bread to shape into tombstones and peas for turning in to a creamy dip. And it will finally give you a reason to say “Rest in Peas!” (drum roll) out loud when you get asked what the name of this dish is.  It’s conceptual art.

8. Portrait of a Monster Dip
For the artiste in the kitchen, this gorgeous casserole stars Frankenstein’s friendly face with a spinach colored skin, crushed blue corn tortilla chip hair, face features, and neck plugs, surrounded by a background of delicious yellowish artichoke dip. It’s almost too cool to eat!