Play Time: 10 Fun Party Games for Adults

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UPDATED May 16th, 2018 Wait, you thought games were only for your 5-year-old and his friends? Newsflash! You may be getting older, but the ability to have fun and let loose with a silly game and some friends never goes away. And when you…

How to Have the Best St. Patrick's Day of Your Life

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St. Patrick's Day is coming up on March 17 and you can make this year's celebration your best one yet! It may have started as a religious holiday but for most of us it's all about letting loose, drinking green beer and pinching those who forgot…

Ghost Games: 10 Halloween Party Games For This Year’s Party

October 31st approaches, which means it’s time to play some Halloween party games. According to, it’s healthy for both kids and adults to play organized games for many important reasons: building community, keeping the mind sharp…

The 10 Best Mojito Recipe Ideas in the Entire Universe

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In celebration of National Mojito Day (July 11), a holiday that celebrates the greatness of the classic Cuban cocktail, we bring you ten of the best mojitos in the entire universe. Classic mojitos are made with white rum, muddled mint, fizzy…

New and Improved Party Ideas for Birthday Surprises

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If you think that birthday surprises in the form of parties are so outdated, then you are so wrong. Well, maybe you’re not wrong, but you’re just not experiencing the right kind of surprise parties. The whole jumping out from behind the…
What to Do on New Year's Eve: The Art of Having a Totally Chill Night-MainPhoto

What to Do on New Year's Eve: The Art of Having a Totally Chill Night

So you still don't know what to do on New Year's Eve and battling First Night crowds or ringing in 2016 with a throng of rowdy revelers is not how you want to say goodbye to 2015. Don't worry, you're not alone! There's always so much pressure…

Halloween Food Ideas: 8 Ghoulish Dips to Serve at Your Party

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We know, we’re not supposed to play with our food. But Halloween food ideas make it he perfect time to play with your food. A dip with chips or veggies is the perfect dish for munching on quickly and while standing, since on Halloween you…

Card Hard: The Subtle Art of Writing a Thank You Note

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Sure, it’s much easier and faster to write a thank you note digitally. But did you know there are unexpected benefits in actually writing out a bread-and-butter note that outweigh the efficiency of technology? According to the NY Times,…

Play Hard: The 10 Best Board Games Perfect for Any Age

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Who has time for the best board games, you’re wondering. We’ve all heard the saying “work hard, play hard.” And most of us spend a lot of energy focusing on the “work hard” part of that equation. We work hard in our jobs, as parents…