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A Grambo is:

A. A grandma who defies expectation and is amazing in so many ways.
B. A seasoned and wise individual who is not afraid to take on any task.
C. A senior who just plain rocks.
D. All of the above.

The answer is D!

I wrote what is now my picture book, Grambo, for my Grandma Jean as a gift for Christmas one year. Though she wasn’t my grandmother by blood, she was every bit my Grambo. I loved her nickname and the story came very easily. (Not to say there weren’t drafts upon drafts. Oh there were.) Grambo is about a boy who finds out his grandma is not your average grandma. She’s a secret agent!

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I dreamt of Grambo parachuting. Grambo in combat boots. Grambo saving the world! The story never left my subconscious. When publisher Be There Bedtime Stories showed as much enthusiasm for Grambo as I had, I knew I was on the right path. And then to find an illustrator as amazing as Betsy Hamilton? The journey in making this story a book held in hand has been nothing short of extraordinary. It’s been hard work, but the kind of hard work I love to dig into.

I dedicated Grambo to Grandma Jean and my Grandma Nette, who both embody what it is to be a Grambo. Amazing, loving and capable of anything, they’ve taught me so much. From baking tarts to sewing to storytelling to playing gin rummy to love, they’ve taught me what’s most important in life—love and family. They taught me how to be a strong independent woman, and how letter writing is a lost art and how sewing bunnies and dressing them up can bring a smile to anyone’s face.

We all have a Grambo in our lives. At least I hope you do or have fond memories of yours. I want kids to walk away after reading this book thinking about their grandmothers and looking forward to spending time with them. I want them to want to get to know their grandmothers better and find out what makes them special. I want them to walk away with the message that stuck with me long after I wrote the first draft of Grambo: there is nothing average about grandmas. They are extraordinary people, people you should take the time to get to know. You have a Grambo of your own, even though she might not be a secret agent like Ryan’s. Our time with them is not infinite. Listen to them. Learn about them. Adventure with them.

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