First Lady Michelle Obama to Chat Live with Mamiverse Latina Moms


In a Mamiverse exclusive, First Lady Michelle Obama sat down to chat with six Latinas to discuss their lives as moms, and the key issues impacting Hispanic families across the nation.  The live streaming video chat took place on Tuesday, July 10, 2012 at 12:45 PM EST on Mamiverse.  It was filmed in Miami, and moderated by Maria Cardona, contributing political editor to Mamiverse and CNN analyst.

“We could not be more honored to have the First Lady join us for this conversation. Hispanics in America find ourselves at a pivotal cultural crossroad,” said founder and CEO Rene Alegria. “We are just now starting to understand the effect we will have in shaping America’s future. Our moms, thankfully, are leading the charge.”

Latina moms are an increasingly powerful demographic in America. Their amplified clout at both the voting booth and in the shopping aisle has been acknowledged by politicians and corporations alike. With extraordinary population shifts occurring in this country, most tilting in favor of the booming Latino community, understanding their thoughts and lives has become more and more important.  According to the 2010 U.S. Census, Latinos are the largest minority in the U.S., and accounted for 55% of the overall U.S. population growth between 2000 and 2010.  One in four babies born in America is Latino.

First Lady Michelle Obama to Chat Live with Mamiverse Latina Moms

Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson

“Like everyone in America, Latina moms just want to be heard and understood,” said Mamiverse political editor and chat moderator, Maria Cardona. “The First Lady is an inspiration to moms everywhere, and her effort to start a conversation with Latina moms about the future we want to build for our children will help ensure our voices are heard in this election.”

Launched in July 2011, Mamiverse is the preeminent site for Latina moms and families in America. With over one million pageviews a month and growing, the site provides culturally focused information on topics such as food, culture, health, money, school, and style.

You can follow the conversation at #latinos2012.