Parenting-Tips-for-Shakira-New-Baby-Dos-&-Donts-MainPhotoSo, before we embarked on the formal interview during which we’d discuss the Monster Sound Machine headphones Estefan was promoting, I dared ask him for his support for the foundation that I am a part of—St. Jude’s Hospital—which treats children affected by cancer whose families don’t have financial resources. And, without hesitating, he agreed to help. That brief “pre-interview” with Estefan made me glad that so many celebrities, Emilio and Gloria, Shakira, Ricky Martin, Alejandro Sanz and Juanes, among many others, can forget for a moment their red carpets and private jets in order to focus on those in need, and use their fame and influence to support worthy causes. They deserve their millions of fans, and I’m pretty sure they know the meaning of real success.

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