“Mami-Approved” Dolls for Your Latina Daughter-SofiaSofia the First: Once Upon a Princess ($14.50)
And just in time for the holiday, Disney debuts its Sofia the First 13” plush doll. Despite the controversy of whether she is too blond and her eyes are too blue to be “Latina”, Disney has done a brilliant marketing job for its latest princess. My daughter reminded me daily that something wonderful was happening on Nov. 18—the world premiere of Sofia the First on the Disney Channel. On that date we sat with a bowl of popcorn and watched the show with the same intensity with which I watched the Presidential debates. At the end, I realized that my daughter really didn’t care about what Latin country Sofia came from. She was more concerned that the mean Royal Sorcerer tried to steal the powerful amulet given to Sofia by her new stepfather, and that the two kids from the King’s previous relationship eventually were kind to her, making for a perfect, happily blended family. For me, I was just happy to know that for once the stepmother was not an evil woman and that a fine Latina actress, Sara Ramirez, got another job—a rare thing in Hollywood these days.