How to Raise a Spoiled Brat-MainPhoto

How to Raise a Spoiled Brat-MainPhoto
Do you want your kid to grow up to be a spoiled brat? Of course not! However, you might inadvertently be setting him up to be just that. It’s so easy to lose perspective when it comes to our own kids….

That’s why we’ve come up with a list of things that are sure to turn a happy, healthy baby into a spoiled brat. Do your best to avoid every single one if you want your kid to be empathetic, noble and a joy to be around.

Make your baby the king of the house.
Make him the king of your life also…and the owner of it. Put aside your love life, health, family, hobbies or anything that makes you happy, except your baby. Focus all your energy exclusively on your baby no matter what. Everything else, including your husband, can wait.

Don’t let your baby cry.
Want him to be an unbearable adult tomorrow? Don’t let him cry for more than a few seconds. When he starts whimpering, run and get him what he wants, whatever it is. Teaching him to be unable to cope with even the smallest frustrations is a surefire way to prevent him from dealing with real problems when he grows up.

Never say No to your child.
When you really hate what your child is doing, how he’s behaving or what he’s saying, never correct him with a clear No. Just use kind words and loooong explanations as to why he should not do whatever it is he’s doing…and then give in and let him have his way.

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Don’t set limits on your child’s behavior.
Let him grow up according to his “nature” and do not educate, interfere or restrain him in any way. Life is going to teach him what you are not, after all.

Let your kid believe he is a real genius.
Anywhere you take him, make him the focus of everyone’s attention. Allow him to interrupt any adult conversation or routine, no matter what it is. Tell everyone else how special and clever he is, and make sure he knows that the rules don’t apply to him.

Remember that his teachers are always wrong.
Tell him not to worry about teachers and administrators, and be sure your child sees you arguing with and belittling them. If you want to really damage your child you have to discredit and interfere with any educational action coming from his school.

Let your baby quit everything.
Teach him quitting is a fair and good thing to do. From not picking up his toys to not finishing his dinner, let him give up on everything and anything. Don’t promote good habits or order in his life—allow him to be absolutely free of rules.

Remember you are just his servant.
Let him grow up thinking that his mother is not an individual, but rather his tool to get all that he needs. That will make him a perfect tyrant for his future wife or girlfriend.

Too much attention and overprotection hinders your child’s healthy development and his path toward autonomy. This is a process that includes experiencing frustration and developing self-discipline and willpower, which will serve him later in life as he becomes a mature, independent individual. So avoid all of the above, and you should be fine!