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Sleep in, watch TV, go to camp, hang out with friends and play video games – that about sums up my tween’s plans for the summer.

It came as a bit of a shock to them when I grabbed the pages from their school work books that they hadn’t finished and started assigning them a page to work on a day.  There was even a full on tween temper tantrum!

While children do need a time to rest and relax, they need to continue to expand their knowledge and reinforce the skills they learn during the summer.  Cristy’s husband assigns his daughter math worksheets throughout the summer to do just that. Their family sets aside about an hour of ‘school’ per day when the girls are not in camp. Worksheets are an idea that must have some fun around them or they can be boring. As previously mentioned, tweens are not very happy with sitting and doing “school work” during the summer.

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