Demi Lovato-Gato Pop Queen Superstar!-MainPhoto
I am Demi Lovato-Gato, the #1 cat fan of my Latin idol, superstar icon Demi Lovato. Just like her, I believe in celebrating those who embrace the spirit of their own uniqueness.

Pop sensation Demi Lovato began her meteoric rise when she appeared with the equally stellar Selena Gomez on the PBS show Barney & Friends. Her career really took flight in 2008, when she shared the screen with the Jonas Brothers in the Disney flick Camp Rock, quickly followed by a starring role on her own Disney series Sonny with a Chance. Like so many teens, Demi hit a rough patch in 2010 and was briefly hospitalized to deal with emotional and physical issues including bulimia, self-injury, and substance abuse. Rather than hiding her personal difficulties, Demi bravely spoke out hoping to inspire and empower other teen girls to seek help. Her resulting 2011 album, Unbroken, inspired by her struggles was a smash hit.

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Today, this fearless diva is enjoying her second season as a judge and mentor on The X Factor and gearing up for her upcoming Neon Lights tour. Not only a major talent, Demi Lovato also has a big heart and works with a variety of charitable organizations including Secret Deodorant’s Mean Stinks anti-bullying campaign and Free the Children.

Being a die-hard Lovatic (a Demi Lovato superfan), I never miss an episode of The X Factor. Like any self-respecting glamour kitty, I take personal grooming very seriously, so I always pay close attention to Demi’s always-fab manicures.

What Makes Demi Lovato-Gato Purr

  • I can’t wait to try out Demi’s new nail polish collaboration with The New Black on every one of my dainty claws.
  • I love experimenting with new ‘dos—I’ve got a secret stash of fur extensions hidden under the radiator.
  • Mentoring the neighborhood strays and discovering new talent is so rewarding.
  • Whenever I get the chance, I sneak into my owner’s room to play with her collection of Hello Kitty collectibles.

What Gets Demi Lovato-Gato’s Dander Up

  • Nothing makes me arch my back and hiss like bullying!
  • Diets. I embrace my voluptuous kitty curves.
  • I truly despise riding in the car.
  • I just don’t understand Garfield’s appeal.

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