If the standard candlelight dinner just doesn’t do it for you, we’ve got some Valentine’s Day ideas that are all about cliché-free romance. There’s so much pressure to make this the most romantic, sexy night of the year that it’s easy to forget to have fun. And isn’t having a great time together the best foreplay anyway?

Here are some creative and cute Valentine’s Day ideas that bring a little whimsy, a dash of adventure or just a new perspective into your relationship.

Make a Day (or Two) of It
This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday and it’s a three-day weekend so take advantage! Have a leisurely morning with breakfast in bed then spend the day doing something relaxing and fun. Take a day trip; play tourist in your home town; take a walk in the park or just spend the afternoon snuggling on the couch and make a dent in your Netflix queue.

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Play Games
When was the last time you and your significant other sat down and played cards or Monopoly or Chess or Wii? Make some yummy snacks, have a little wine and spend a couple of hours chatting and building the sexual tension with some healthy competition. Spice it up by adding a striptease or X-rated component!

Get Crafty
The best Valentine’s Day ideas are all about strengthening your bond and nothing’s more romantic than creating something together. You could spend the afternoon making scrapbooks for each other or, if you have different hobbies, take turns teaching each other your craft.


Share the Love
Celebrate your love by volunteering. Helping those in need will not only make you appreciate what you have together even more, it’s an opportunity to spread those good feelings around.

Make it a Family Affair
If you’ve got kids your Valentine’s Day Ideas usually involve a babysitter. Yes, mom and dad need their alone time but with everyone’s crazy schedules it can be even harder to get everyone together for quality family time. And don’t forget those little ones are the ultimate expression of your love. Once the kids are in bed you can get your sexy on.


Expand Your Horizons
If you’ve ever watched a dating show you know that taking a cooking class should top the list of cute Valentine’s Day ideas. However, any kind of class will do as long as you’re having fun and stepping a little outside of your comfort zone. Think dance, martial arts, pottery (come on, you remember Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in Ghost).