What to Do on New Year's Eve: The Art of Having a Totally Chill Night-MainPhoto


So you still don’t know what to do on New Year’s Eve and battling First Night crowds or ringing in 2016 with a throng of rowdy revelers is not how you want to say goodbye to 2015. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! There’s always so much pressure to make this the most amazing celebration or to get invited to the best party ever. With all the hype, no matter what you do, it’s bound to be anti-climactic. And expensive. And crowded.

Why not start 2016 with a cozy, stress-free vibe that’s all about friends and family, people you love or just feeling content being alone with your thoughts. We’ve got some fabulously unassuming New Year’s Eve ideas.

Make it a family fun night at home with the kids. They can stay up till midnight just this one night a year, right? There are lots of great kids’ activities for New Year’s Eve like these easy Countdown Bags. Put together treat bags for your kids to open each hour, starting at 7pm and leading up to midnight. In the meantime give everyone a printout of these 10 Reflection Questions from The Art of Simple as you all look back on 2015.

Let some of the many traditions from around the world be your guide for what to do on New Year’s Eve. Cook up a sampler of lucky foods for a healthy and prosperous 2016 or follow HuffPost’s list of 22 Latin American traditions for your New Year’s Eve ideas.

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Many yoga and meditation studios offer midnight meditations. What better way to kick off the New Year with peace and positivity?

Throw together a last-minute potluck for your equally low-key friends. You can never go wrong with a few drinks, good food and good company. Then gather in the living room to play trivia games while you wait for midnight. Or take turns with Zimbio’s online random Resolution Generator.


Being in Times Square while the ball drops is the ultimate goal for what to do on New Year’s Eve but not many of us have the funds or fortitude to tackle that NYC insanity. Get comfy with some bubbly and watch the Times Square live webcast from the comfort of home.

One of the best New Year’s Eve ideas is to celebrate a new you. Pamper yourself! Take a bubble bath, give yourself a makeover, try a refreshing face mask — whatever makes you feel pretty and new.