8. Installing Computer Software
Always make sure that you are downloading or obtaining software from a reliable source. This will ensure that you have fewer problems installing it and won’t be downloading a virus. Start by opening up the program and then follow the prompted directions.

9. The Truth About Liquids
Don’t keep liquids near your devices. Don’t keep your devices near liquids. Keep your coffee away from your keyboard, your tomato sauce away from your iPad, and (be honest) your phone away from the toilet. Liquids and technological devices just don’t mix. Although, if your electronics do get wet, brown rice is an easy home remedy for drying them out.

10. Your Computer Won’t Turn On
This is the scariest of all problems with computers. If you hit the power button and nothing happens, it is possible that your battery was drained and you didn’t realize it or that there is a problem with your power cord. Check the cord and its plug first, then try leaving the device to charge for a while before trying again.