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Mario Bosquez shares with us a CIA Bootcamp Holiday Recipe.

There is so much learning and hands-on cooking time in the Culinary Institute of America’s professional kitchens that time really flies by during your Boot Camp experience. They have intensive classes for Wine Lovers, Bakers, Aspiring Chefs, and Grilling Aficionados! Check out the link for the many classes and locations.

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During my days at Boot Camp, I learned about numerous cooking techniques and a few holiday recipes (too many to list here) but here is a sample:

Items need to be cooked quickly and at high heat.

Medium-thick items need to be started at high heat and can be finished on a cooler part of the grill.

Thicker items can be started on high heat and then finish them up on a sizzle platter (in the oven.)

Never pierce food after cooking. All these great tips are shared with you during the Boot Camp. Every single day, you are in that kitchen, high heat and all, cooking away and learning every single moment.

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Finally, “graduation” day arrives and the certificate proves you’ve cooked among the best and have new skills to prove it!

Special thanks to the Culinary Institute of America/Hyde Park for this great experience and remember, Boot Camps can make wonderful holiday gifts! With that in mind, here two great holiday recipes for sides straight from the CIA!