Let Your Panties Do The Talking!-MainPhoto

Let Your Panties Do The Talking!-MainPhoto

The style of panties you wear says a lot about you, both to yourself and others: from your date, to your spouse and even your kids. If they peek through your clothes, then you’ll inadvertently be making a statement too. Find out the meaning of your style!

If most of your underwear are boy shorts, you’re telling the world you’re sporty, down to earth, and practical. You love comfort, but you could also be incredibly sexy in them depending on how they fit.

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Let Your Panties Do The Talking!-Photo2

There’s something empowering about wearing lace under your regular clothes. You love to be pampered, and you enjoy your femininity. You find ways to feel special no matter what.

Let Your Panties Do The Talking!-Photo3

You’re comfortable with yourself and your tush. You’re fashion conscious—you don’t like panty lines showing through your clothes. You’re minimalistic, open-minded and love taking risks.

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You’re self-confident and fun loving. You know how to combine comfort with a touch of sexy. Cheekies are fool-proof, and can go from the gym floor to the bedroom seamlessly.

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If you’re in a relationship, you’re sending the message that you don’t care about sex or your man anymore. If you’re single, you’ve given up on men. Go throw them out and get yourself some sexy lingerie right now!