Nature's Cheese: What is Nutritional Yeast and How to Cook with It

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What is nutritional yeast? If you're vegan, you're probably already familiar with this non-dairy cheese alternative that may just be one of the breakout superfoods of 2016. Nutritional yeast doesn't sound particularly appetizing but it actually…

15 Non-Cliché Recipes with Avocado to Try Now

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Avocados are definitely addictive and they're not a guilty pleasure! There are recipes with avocado for every meal of the day — even dessert — that go way beyond the usual guacamole. Avocados are nutrient-rich and packed with fiber and…

10 International Recipes that Work at Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

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The next best thing to traveling the world is incorporating a few international recipes into your cooking repertoire. Sampling foods from other countries and cultures is a great way to encourage kids to expand their palates. You can also incorporate…

Healthy Meals : 15 Comfort Food Recipes without a Side Order of Guilt

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We generally don't think of comfort food and healthy meals in the same sentence. Or on the same table for that matter. The Chew's Chef Carla Hall sums it up perfectly, "Comfort food is about emotions and the soul. When we eat gooey, starchy,…

Young Cuisine: 10 Kid-Friendly Recipes that Makes Them Want to Cook

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There are a million reasons why moms should stock up on kid-friendly recipes and get kids cooking. Teaching them about different cuisines can be a yummy history or geography lesson, while learning to measure flexes their math skills. Even…

You Say Tomato—We Say Tomatillo! 8 Ways to Use the Tomate Verde

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Many have seen tomatillos at their local supermarket but don't have a clue how to cook a tomatillo or disregard it due to its odd appearance surrounded by an inedible, paper-like husk. Many have also seen it on the menu of their favorite Mexican…

Eggstraordinary: 15 Baked Egg Dishes Great for Any Meal

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On October 10we wish you Happy World Egg Day. Established in 1996, the International Egg Counsel (IEC) named the second Friday in October as a day to promote eggs for their nutritional benefits. According to the IEC, “World Egg Day is a…

10 Ways to Master the Architecture of a Sandwich

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Nothing screams summer quite like a delicious picnic on a beautiful day. We’re not talking about a fancy meal or even a gourmet gathering. A blanket, a bottle (or three) of wine, some good company and some great sandwiches—that’s happiness…

10 Ways to Make Fried Chicken Without Frying Chicken

With National Fried Chicken Day just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to offer a healthier alternative to this classic American favorite. Although chicken is a naturally lean meat, one large piece comes out of the fryer loaded with…