What is nutritional yeast? If you’re vegan, you’re probably already familiar with this non-dairy cheese alternative that may just be one of the breakout superfoods of 2016. Nutritional yeast doesn’t sound particularly appetizing but it actually adds a delicious cheesy, nutty flavor to food in addition to packing a huge nutritional punch. Once you whip up a few nutritional yeast recipes, you’ll wonder how you ever cooked without it.

Nutritional yeast is an inactive form of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain that’s mixed with sugar cane and beet molasses then dried into flakes or powder form. It’s low-cal with virtually no carbs or fat and it’s a great source of protein. Most brands also add a healthy dose of B-complex vitamins too.

Second question: What is nutritional yeast good in? Answer: Just about anything that you would put grated cheese on. It’s also spectacular in lots of other dishes so get in on this health powerhouse and try out some fabulous nutritional yeast recipes.

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Vegan Saffron Risotto
This gorgeous dish isn’t just super healthy, it’s also loaded with umami flavors that will make you wonder, ‘What is nutritional yeast not delicious in?’

Smoky Pesto Cashew Cheez
Cashew cheese is a vegan staple but even omnivores will love this low-fat, protein-rich, dairy-free snack on everything from sandwiches to red chile tortillas.


Popcorn with Nutritional Yeast & Aleppo Pepper
Gourmet popcorn is one of the best nutritional yeast recipes. You can sprinkle it on with a dash of salt for plain old cheese popcorn or try this spicy version for a guilt-free snack.

Vegan Cheddar Jalapeño Biscuits
If you thought comfort food couldn’t be good for you too, you sunk your teeth into these crusty, indulgent biscuits.


Vegan Cashew Mac & Cheese
Another comfort food classic that the whole family will love. This take on everyone’s childhood favorite is seasoned with a dash of turmeric and lemon juice. Between the cashews and the nutritional yeast, it a hearty meal with plenty of protein, vitamins and healthy fat.

Spinach Pesto Quinoa Bowl
When you’re craving a satisfying light lunch or looking for the perfect side dish, this is not only delectable, it’ll give you tons of energy.


Nutrient Dense Apple Cider Vinegar Dressing
Here is a dressing that you won’t need to serve on the side. It’s pure and simple with all the goodness of apple cider vinegar, nutritional yeast, olive oil and Himalayan salt.

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