Reasons to be Grateful for Having Cousins-MainPhoto

Reasons to be Grateful for Having Cousins-MainPhoto

May 18 is Visit Your Relatives Day. You could celebrate by visiting relatives…maybe go see an aunt you haven’t seen for awhile. You could also send them a card, call them up on the phone or, since May 18 is also National Cheese Souffle Day, you could make them a cheese souffle!

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An old Spanish proverb says, “An ounce of blood is worth more than a pound of friendship.” Cousins though, can be both friends and relatives. If you were fortunate enough to have your cousins around as you grew up, then you know what it means to have cousins who are close to, and who have known you all your life. Just incase you needed a reminder, here are 10 reasons to be grateful that you have cousins.

1. They’re like extra siblings. Cousins are almost like your brother or sister. They have shared many of the same experiences you did (where and when you grew up, family experiences, etc.).

2. They have your back. Many of our great childhood memories consist of adventures or escapades we had while visiting our cousins, or while they visited us. They always looked out for us, and vice-versa.

3. If they live nearby, they can be great last-minute babysitters. In some close-knit communities, where cousins grew up together, it isn’t uncommon for them to babysit each others’ children. Also, many of us had experiences where either we babysat younger cousins or older cousins babysat us. If you have to babysit young cousins, here are some things you could do to keep them occupied.