8 Women Who Famously Went Insane-MainPhoto

2. Zelda Fitzgerald
: Zelda dazzled Alabama society with her beauty, grace as a dancer and the dignity of her family name. Marriage to F. Scott Fitzgerald brought international notoriety and a life of celebrity status. Zelda published her own works using snippets of her life with Fitzgerald in the story line, and Fitzgerald in return used details of their life together as well as quotes from Zelda’s personal diary. The strain of her tempestuous marriage, Scott’s increasing alcoholism, and her growing instability led to Zelda’s admittance in 1930 to the Sheppard Pratt sanatorium in Towson, Maryland, where she was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Zelda spent the remainder of her life in and out of sanatoriums. She died in 1948 when one of the clinics caught fire.