8 Women Who Famously Went Insane-MainPhoto

6. Betty Broderick:
A suburban wife and mother, Broderick was convicted of the murder of her ex husband and his new wife. While her husband attended first medical school then law school, Betty was the only breadwinner and took care of their four children. Following his graduation, Betty’s husband hired an attractive receptionist and Betty suspected her husband was unfaithful. Eventually, Betty’s husband moved out, filed for divorce, took the children and married his receptionist. Betty did not take it well. During the divorce procedure, Betty left hundreds of obscene, profanity-laden messages on Dan’s voice mail, ignored countless restraining orders forbidding her from coming on Dan’s property, vandalized his new home, and even drove her car into front door of his home despite the fact that their children were inside the house at the time. Broderick’s defense was that she had been a battered wife driven over the edge by years of psychological, physical, and mental abuse at the hands of her ex-husband. Broderick was convicted of murder after two trials (the first was declared a mistrial) and is serving a 32 year sentence.