If you can’t make it to the world’s largest Passover meal hosted annually in Kathmandu (believe it or not!) then you better start planning your own Passover feast now! This year Passover begins at sunset on Friday, April 22 and ends at nightfall on Saturday, April 30. Although you’ve got a few food restrictions (leavened bread for instance), Passover is definitely all about celebrating with good food. Take your Passover meal to the next level by giving it some Latin flair with these 10 mouthwatering recipes.

1. Rosa Mexicano’s Chipotle Marrow Matzo Balls
Every year, New York and New Jersey-based Rosa Mexicano restaurants celebrate Mexican Passover. It’s definitely not Passover without matzo balls and these are a tasty twist on this very traditional dish.

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2. Manischewitz Sangria
Drinking wine is a major part of a Passover meal and Manischewitz is an old favorite. Dress it up by mixing in fresh fruit with a splash of brandy and Grand Marnier or Cointreau.

3. Guatemalan Haroset
Haroset, or Charoset, is a thick paste made of nuts, fruit and wine. Hadassah Magazine explains that it, “…symbolizes the bricks of Egyptian slavery.” This Guatemalan take gets a little extra kick from chiltepe (spicy chili pepper) and cilantro.


4. Picadillo Stuffed Matzoh Balls
Matzo balls are twice as good when they’re stuffed with this flavorful picadillo!

5. Mexican Gefilte Fish
Believe it or not, Gefilte fish is the subject of some of Hilary Clinton’s email dump released by the State Department. Do this Passover meal must-have Mexican-style with a bit of lime juice and cilantro.

6. Crockpot Tequila-Lime Chicken
Serve this Tequila Lime Chicken at your Passover feast and you will have a table full of empty plates at the end.


7. Almond-Orange Flan
Everyone loves flan and this recipe is true to Passover food guidelines by keeping it non-dairy with almond milk. The almonds create a light crust on the bottom and the oranges give it a fresh, citrusy flavor.

8. Ropa Vieja
It’s a Cuban-style Passover brisket! Spicy stewed vegetables and shredded beef will make your celebration a hit.


9. Fany Gerson’s Mexican Cocadas
Cocadas, a traditional Latin-American sweet, are often made with condensed milk (a Passover meal no-no) but Fany Gerson’s recipe just calls for water, pineapple, almonds, coconut and Mexican cinnamon. Yum!

10. Caribbean Kugel
Kugel is a versatile casserole dish that’s been around for centuries. Give it a little island flavor by making this version with plantains and ratatouille.