We’ve all been there, mortified with unsightly black streaks running down our cheeks. Let’s face it, if you’re constantly on the run, the last thing you need is for your black mascara to start running on you. You need the best mascaras on the market, the ones that always perform well.

Unfortunately, part of mascara’s magic is the fact that all that black goop on our lashes makes our eyes look glamourous and bold. “The whole point of mascara is to enhance the shape of the eye and define the lashes, and it should be visible, or you won’t get that effect,” said the makeup artist Susan Giordano to Allure. Here we’ve compiled a no-more-smudge mascara list with 5 best mascaras that beauty editors recommended. This way, you’ll remain smudge-free during your next unexpected crying session, sweaty workout or if, and when, you should get pushed into a pool this summer.  

1. Maybelline New York Great Lash Water Poof Mascara
This veteran best-seller with the iconic pink tube and black cap will never fail you. It will also give you long, sexy, come hither lashes.

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2. Yves Saint Laurent Everlong Mascara Waterproof
YSL’s waterproof formula promises not to wear off easily without irritating your eyes.  It also received high scores for even coating and no clumping.

3. Avon Big & False Lash Volume Mascara
What most don’t like about waterproof mascaras is that they can feel dry or stiff on our lashes . Avon promises your lashes will feel as moist and look as full and fanned-out that evening as they did when you applied it on that morning.


4. L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Waterproof
With a blend of nourishing vitamins and ceramides, Voluminous is still the best for creating a feathery soft effect and for staying on your lashes despite moisture.

5. Revlon Bold Lacquer
This waterproof mascara touts high shine black fibers that will leave your lashes with a darker, more dramatic finish as it lengthens and pumps up their volume. A bold move.