William Levy proves that he has skills in a new Pepsi Next ad campaign. Pepsi is capitalizing on the Latino heartthrob’s sex appeal to drive awareness of its product.

With this latest campaign, it seems that Latinos are taking over Pepsi. The company has been building its efforts to court the Hispanic market and it’s paying off. Levy may be the new kid on the block but Pepsi already was betting on Latino star power when it secured Colombian actress Sofia Vergara as the Diet Pepsi spokesperson.

When it comes to marketing to Latinos, Pepsi gets it. They understand the young and fast-growing vibrant Latino market and are leveraging the likes of William Levy, Vergara, and New York Giants receiving star Victor Cruz. Cruz did a Pepsi Next commercial that debuted during this year’s Super Bowl and he also shot a Web short for Mi Pepsi’s Viva Hoy campaign at a barbershop that took him back home to El Barrio—Spanish Harlem.

In addition, Pepsi recruited the comedic duo from Washington Heights, Juan Bago and O, for its The Perfect Play campaign and last week’s Latin Billboard Awards. This demonstrates the brand is willing to experiment with new talent in Latin music and culture.

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How do you like your Levy?  In the online campaign, you can spin the “Wheel of Levy” and watch the Cuban star depict six personas—a doctor, a romantic, an action hero, a rock star, a sci-fi character and a theater buff. From Doctor Levy (my favorite) to the Casanova (true to his telenovela roots à la melodrama) his versatile roles will make you laugh and will make you thirsty, literally.

Levy told NBC Latino that for the Pepsi Next campaign he went a crazy and had fun playing the different characters, “I had fun with each one of them, but I have to tell you: I had the most fun with the rock star, the Casanova and action hero.”


The man is eye candy—truly a taco de ojo.

Mamiverse contributor and bestselling author Alisa Valdez said it best, “Levy’s so hot that I’m actually watching the insane banality that is Dancing with the Stars.” Valdes, along with the rest of America fell in love with the Latin artist after seeing his moves on the dance floor. 

I don’t think anyone really cared about his waltz; we were too busy looking at the chiseled arms and six-pack.

After participating in Dancing With The Stars, new opportunities opened for Levy to crossover to mainstream and make movies in English—fulfilling his dreams. He recently finished two movies Addicted and Tyler Perry’s Single Mom’s Club.

While Pepsi also giving Levy national exposure, Levy is helping Pepsi appeal to Latinos—it’s a win-win for both.

So, are these mega Latino stars making Americans thirsty for Pepsi? Yes. Pepsico Inc.’s earnings in the first-quarter earnings rose 12% with sales gains in each of its businesses.