Univision’s Generación América Celebrates Hispanics in the U.S.
Univision’s Generación América Celebrates Hispanics in the U.S.

Evette Rios and Lorraine C. Ladish

At the XIII Annual Latin Grammy Awards held last week in Las Vegas, Latino singers and musicians weren’t the only ones being honored. Univision used the internationally-televised event to launch Generación América, a new multi-media platform intended to record and share the stories of Hispanics in America, and how they have shaped and influenced both the nation’s destiny and their own.

Generación América seeks to capture the stories not just of famous Latino sports stars, entertainers and politicians, but of the teachers, small business owners and abuelitas who make up the diverse fabric of the Hispanic community in the United States.

The program is a partnership with Procter & Gamble’s Orgullosa program, which urges Latinas to seize their potential in this dynamic era of U.S. history. Orgullosa’s slogan is Mujeres con la Falda Bien Puesta,™ (Women with Their Skirts Well-Placed), a phrase intended to capture the essence of the strong, put-together and determined Latina.

Orgullosa spokesperson Evette Rios has teamed up with Univision hosts Lourdes Stephen and Alejandra Espinoza to encourage Latinas to share their stories for Generación América.

Mamiverse Editor in Chief, Lorraine C. Ladish was a guest at the event, along with Angélica Pérez Litwin, founding CEO of New Latina.

“It was empowering to converse with so many successful and hard-working Latinas,” says Ladish.

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Generación América, also developed in partnership with the Immigrant Archive Project, will host videos, photos and vignettes that tell the individual stories of U.S. Latinos from all walks of life. Univision, through its network of national, regional and local television and radio stations, along with its online and social media platforms, will broadcast the stories and ultimately, create a digital archive with the material.

Latinos around the country are encouraged to visit GeneracionAmerica.com and upload videos, photos and written stories of their experiences in the U.S. Join the Generación América conversation on Twitter and Instagram via @GenAmerica or hashtag #GenAmerica, and on Facebook.com/GeneracionAmerica.