UPDATED June 17th, 2017

When I had my first child, I had lots of questions that I felt silly asking my doctor, friends or even family. Still, there are a lot of things new moms wonder about. And between the lack of sleep, adjusting to a new baby and not having a free minute to use the bathroom, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed by the new mom demands. Don’t worry; I’ve been there. And now that I’ve had my third child, there is nothing I won’t ask! Looking back here are 10 funny things that I wondered—often. I’ve put together a list of those “silly new mom questions” with all the answers you need in one spot!


1. When will the umbilical cord fall off? The umbilical cord can fall off anywhere from 10-20 days after birth. Until that time, make sure you keep it dry and clean. To clean it, moisten a cotton pad with rubbing alcohol and let skin dry. No tub baths yet.

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2. How often do I apply diaper cream? Any time you see redness starting it’s a good time to apply diaper rash cream. It’s also smart to apply it before bedtime at night, simply because this is when baby will (hopefully) sleep for the longest stretch of time and it will help to block wetness from the skin. If you cloth diaper, you might not have to use it at all.