5. There is something for everyone, and every age
It’s not an easy feat to gain fans within an age group, let alone maintain a community of fans across all demographics. “The Big Bang Theory” has something for everyone, which is why not only do people their 20s tune in, but their parents do too. At the beginning of the 8th season, ratings reports showed that outside of sports programming, “The Big Bang Theory” “dominates a wide variety of demographic groups. It’s No. 1 with teens 12–17, adults 18–34, adults 18–49, and adults 25–54.”

6. The jokes are relatable and they keep coming
There is a fine line between a show with too much humor or too few jokes. There needs to be a balance between an intriguing plot, multi-faceted characters, great dialogue and lots of laughs. Some people prefer fast-paced shows with nonstop jokes, while others find that overwhelming and annoying. “The Big Bang Theory” falls right smack in the middle. On average it contains about 5.8 jokes per minute, compared to 7.44 on “30 Rock” and 3.14 on “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”