12 Reasons Wonder Woman Still Rocks!

12 Reasons Wonder Woman Still Rocks!
Wonder Woman was first introduced in D.C. Comics in 1941. Though she was not the first female superhero, she was the first who was a major character. In decades of comics, comic novels, toys, cartoons and more than one live action TV show, Wonder Woman has been a household name in the U.S. Now, more than 70 years since her “birth,” Wonder Woman is being resurrected by Warner Bros. films, and actress Gal Gadot has signed a 3-picture deal to play the iconic character.

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So to salute the gal in the patriotic swimsuit, we’ve compiled a list of 12 reasons Wonder Woman still rocks!

1. She defies the princess stereotype. Wonder Woman was born Princess Diana of Themyscira. On Earth, she goes by the slightly more civilian name of Diana Prince. But there are no frilly princess trappings here.

2. She can live without a man. Wonder Woman is an Amazon princess on Themyscrira, an island without men.

3. She’s a pacifist. She first journeyed to “man’s world” on a mission of diplomacy and peace.

4. She knows the value of a good girlfriend. Upon arriving on Earth, she defends the Pentagon against attack. There, she befriends Barbara Minerva, who teaches her to blend in to the human world.

5. She’s always been a role model. William Marston, who created Wonder Woman, wanted from the outset that she be a strong female role model for young girls. It is said that he was inspired by his own wife, who was a high-ranking academic in a male-dominated profession.

6. She appreciates diversity. Wonder Woman is one of the founding members of the Justice League of America, a ragtag bunch of superheroes with diverse skills, strengths and weaknesses.

7. She’s an accomplished career woman. Wonder Woman’s official job title is Ambassador of Peace, Superhero and Adventurer. Not too shabby. She’s also been a translator for the United Nations, an astronaut and an major in the U.S. Army.

8. She shared a kiss with Superman. Though the two superheroes have mostly enjoyed a deep platonic friendship, they did have a moment of weakness and shared a liplock in 2012, and things might be getting serious. Sounds complicated to us.

9. She’s courageous. Since coming to Earth, she’s stopped a nuclear war, battled the Boston mob, and fended off attacks from evil supervillians and a vast assortment of angry gods.

10. Those bracelets! Besides deflecting her from bullets and other projectiles, Wonder Woman’s bracelets actually control her intense power, thereby protecting her opponents from certain destruction.

11. We wish we had her metabolism! She heals from injuries instantly, she doesn’t need to eat or sleep, and she can hold her breath underwater for hours.

12. She’s a super-smart hero. She got her wisdom from goddess Athena, and is widely considered to be the wisest and most moral of the Justice League.