Why Tamela Mann Loves Being A Mom

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Celebrity Baby Scoop-ReducedMeet The Browns alum Tamela Mann stars in the UP Original movie In The Meantime, premiering this Saturday, August 17th at 7 p.m. ET. The talented actress plays Minnie, a grandmother taking a literacy class so she can be able to read the karaoke screen.

Celebrity Baby Scoop chats with Tamela about In The Meantime and whether she pulled from her own personal experiences as a grandmother to play her character. The mom-of-five also chatted about her “very nurturing and loving” mom and some of the special perks of being a grandmother!

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CBS: Tell us about your UP Original movie, In The Meantime. What is it all about? Could you tell us about your character, Minnie?

TM:In The Meantime is a romantic comedy about a businesswoman who loses her way and winds up having to do another job, which is not as big as the main job she had. She was a teacher, but she ends up having to teach a literacy class. My character, Minnie, goes to the class to learn how to read, because she wants to better herself and be able to sing karaoke with her grandkids. The movie is a comedy, but there are also serious aspects to it. It is enlightening and encourages people by discussing literacy and ways to improve yourself and not be embarrassed.”

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