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Tips to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Never mind what celebrities, diet gurus or self-help books would have you believe about getting back to your post-pregnancy body. There’s really only five factors that play into safe, healthy weight loss—plus one virtue, patience. “I…

Handling The Pressure to Drop the Baby Weight

Jessica Simpson is in the news yet again—this time, for a lucrative deal she’s reportedly made with Weight Watchers to lose her post-pregnancy baby weight. You might think Simpson would be more wrapped up in, say, nesting—after all,…

To Fix Your Body, First You Must Fix Your Soul

It's funny how things are all connected, when you really sit down to look at them. Well, not funny in a comedic sense, but funny as in interesting. For years, I have had trouble controlling my impulses. Many people who knew me understood…

5 Ways to Nurture Your Child's Positive Body Image and Self Esteem

As a mother, you have the power to create a positive environment for your children, where everyone is respected, regardless of weight or body type. Whether you are raising daughters, sons or both, the first step in creating a positive body-image…

The Importance of a Good Handshake

The first time the cowboy met my son Alexander, he held his hand out for the boy to shake. My son, 10 at the time, just sort of looked at the man's hand in confusion. "Shake, son," said the cowboy. Alexander looked at me for guidance,…

The Pain Of Moms Competing Against Moms

The dictionary defines “competition” as “an event in which people try to outdo others". In the instance of mommyhood, such an event is an everyday occurrence for some mothers. Whether it’s trying to look as good as the mom who lost…

34 Weeks Pregnant Dancing to Lady Gaga’s 'Bad Romance'!

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All you pregnant ladies—this is a celebration! This awesome mami is a great example of how much fun pregnancy and staying fit can be. And with a fabulous dose of Puerto Rican pride. So follow her lead and turn up your music, show off your…

Horseback Riding Lessons with Mom

Horseback riding lessons with my mother taught me more than riding. In every ritual, there is the costume that transforms reality into something bigger. Ours began with squeezing into our second-skin breeches first, followed by the requisite…

At-Home Plastic Surgery Horror Stories: Why Latinas are at Risk

A woman walks into a supposed cosmetic surgeon's office with a flat derriere, walks out with a new one inflated with the tire mender Fix-A-Flat and her open wounds sealed up with Super Glue. Think you're reading horror fiction? Nope, it's…