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What is The Real Meaning of Diversity Month?

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UPDATED June 13th, 2018 So April is Diversity Month. Yay! But what does that mean? The general idea is that we're supposed to celebrate diversity. Diversity is defined by Webster's as the state of being diverse, or of being different.…

Celebrating National Siblings Day!

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UPDATED June 11th, 2018 Claudia Evart lost two siblings at a young age. In an effort to honor their memories and find comfort after her painful loss, she founded National Siblings Day on April 10, which was the birthday of her late sister.…
Money Matters...But How Much?-MainPhoto

Money Matters...But How Much?

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I'm not rich. And I don't care. Well, sort of. I remember a job I once had. When the supervisor position opened up at the company, I considered applying. The raise would have amounted to about $4000 more a year. I called a friend, who was…
As Black History Month Comes to a Close Mamiverse Continues to Celebrate Diversity-MainPhoto

As Black History Month Comes to a Close Mamiverse Continues to Celebrate Diversity

My school years during the 70s and 80s were filled with diversity. After spending my early childhood in the United States, I was fortunate to attend a British school in Spain. It was more of an international school, a melting pot of races,…
Why We Still Need Black History Month-MainPhoto

Why We Still Need Black History Month

Last February, I asked my older kids how they were commemorating Black History Month at school. Both children gave me blank stares. “My teachers haven’t even mentioned it,” said my 10-year-old daughter. “What’s Black History Month?”…
How to Relate To and Deal With Difficult People-MainPhoto

How to Relate To & Deal With Difficult People

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We all have someone in our lives with whom we have difficulty relating. Your mother-in-law you always fight with. The sister who always manages to cut you off. A friend who drains your energy by talking about her problems all the time, and…
The Best Potty Training Methods-SliderPhoto

The Best Potty Training Methods

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Even though I have two kids in diapers, I’m not in a rush to potty train my eldest, Emma, who is almost 2 years old. As I’ve prepared for and completed some of the early stages of potty training, I’ve realized that mothers are completely…
Will I Ever Feel Like a Good Enough Dad?-MainPhoto

Will I Ever Feel Like a Good Enough Dad?

Ever since my son was born I have struggled to be the best dad ever, and I often feel like I’m coming up short. I’ve been told by others that I’m a good dad, so why can’t I relax? I wonder, will I ever feel like a good enough dad? After…
How I Keep My New Year’s Resolutions-SliderPhoto

Dreaming & Doing: How I Keep My New Year’s Resolutions

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Before I write my resolutions or goals for the New Year, I always make a list of things I’m proud to have accomplished in the past 12 months. This helps me feel good about myself as I start out assertively and purposefully planning for the…