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Getting Real About Your Birth Plan: Is a Water Birth Right For You?

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Having a baby is a crazy, magical and potentially terrifying experience for a lot of women, regardless of your birth plan. There are a lot of unknowns when you have a baby—when will I go into labor, how much will it hurt, will my baby be…

Friend Mend: 8 Ways to Help Your Kid Have Better Social Skills at School

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Sure, the actual educational lessons kids learn are important, but as a parent, your number one goal is to ensure that your kids have social skills and are happy when they leave you each morning and head to school. You want to make sure they…

10 Resilience Quotes from Moms That Can Solve Any Problem

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As any mom knows, having kids is no joke. Sure, motherhood is wonderful and rewarding and full of love. But there are a few other adjectives that also come to mind…challenging, exhausting, messy, loud, chaotic, stressful, fun, hilarious,…

15 Trendy & Unique Baby Names You Won't Believe are Real

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We're all getting used to hearing unique baby names these days. There's North West, Blue Ivy Carter, Apple Martin...just to name a few. We all want our precious offspring to stand out from the crowd, right? Another advantage of weird names…

Infant Development: 10 Reasons Why It’s Crucial to Talk to Your Baby

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Many of us already know that when it comes to infant development, exposing children to books helps develop their interest in reading. But did you know simply talking to your children as much as possible raises their IQ and helps them develop…

Joy x 2: Tips on How to Mentally Prepare for Having Twins

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Double the pleasure, double the fun. Or so they say…while we understand that sentiment, we’re also willing to bet that if you are having twins, you’re experiencing double the anxiety and double the stress. Two babies! At once! That means…

Mom Strike! Embracing No Housework Day

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Someone, somewhere, had the great idea to declare April 7 National No Housework Day! That person, no doubt a harried housewife, deserves a medal. Coincidentally, it is also National Beer Day, which is an intriguing coincidence. Perhaps it’s…
The St. Patrick´s I Knew I Was Pregnant-MainPhoto

The St. Patrick’s Day I Knew I Was Pregnant

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Have you ever had a holiday that you’ll never forget? As I sipped my Guinness on that fateful Saint Patrick’s Day, I could feel my world shifting underneath me. I will always remember and cherish Saint Patrick’s Day of 2010. That night,…

Tough Love: The Power to Say No

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We’ve all been there: Your toddler is having a meltdown at the grocery store, everyone is watching and instead of being firm on the no candy before dinner rule, you give in to buying that bag of sweets, just so your little screamer will…