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How to Convince Your Man to Go to Couples Therapy

How to Convince Your Man to Go to Couples Therapy

Many women share the same frustration. Although conflict, tension, and disconnect may be obvious symptoms in their relationships, oftentimes women find that their men are unresponsive to requests to seek professional advice. Why are men…

The Best Mattress for Couples

UPDATED August 1st, 2016 Let’s face it. We use a bed for two major purposes: sleeping and sex. We spend a third of our lives in bed, pursuing one activity or the other. So it’s important, for couples especially, to find a mattress…

Financial Infidelity: Not Just a Woman Thing

When we hear women talk about how they bought an expensive pair of shoes and hid the purchase from their husbands, we don’t even flinch. Often, we just laugh about it. According to a poll conducted by and SELF magazine on financial…

How to Ask for What You Want in a Relationship

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Do you find yourself flubbing your words or cursing at your significant other when asking for what you want? Then we have the video for you! Sujeiry Gonzalez, relationship expert and writer, gives us some great tips on how to ask for what you…

Pheromone Parties: Love at First Sniff

If you think online dating is not intimate enough; if you miss the good old days of straight up tangy humanity, and if you long for an earthy, nitty-gritty alternative to mate-finding in today’s over-digitized world—behold (or rather…

Fear Of Saying ‘I Love You’

The first time I told a man that I loved him I did it with pen and paper. I was an 18 year-old freshman at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and I was shamelessly 'in love' with the biggest slut on campus. So I did what any 18-year-old…

Vanity and Your Latino Man

For the last forty-five minutes I've been waiting for my turn at the bathroom mirror. You may think, Ah, teenage daughter? But no, I don't even have a teenage daughter and my two sons have their own bathroom. I'm sitting on the bed, half-dressed,…
Making Your Marriage Work-MainPhoto

Making Your Marriage Work

It’s no surprise that the words “marriage” and “work” are so often uttered in the same breath. After all, once the vows are said and the last crumbs of the wedding cake gobbled up, the real work begins. And while couples dive headlong…

Zumba Flash Mob Hits Wedding Reception

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How many wedding receptions have you been to that culminated in a Zumba flash mob? What a delightful way to kick off a new marriage! For more fantastic MamiTV videos and content, visit Mamiverse!