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3 Ways to Get Revenge on Your Suegra

As the daughter-in-law to a very difficult suegra, I've written a lot about how to manage a civil relationship with a meddlesome mother-in-law and how to forgive her when necessary, but today I'm going to talk about how to get revenge. Maybe…

A Daughter’s Dilemma: Will I Repeat the Cycle of Domestic Violence?

Mami and my stepfather are arguing more often. I hear their spats from my bedroom and want to hide in my closet, shrinking in a corner like a 7-year-old that is scared of The Boogie Man. I hate conflict. I can't stand the yelling and the…

I Survived Domestic Abuse & Violence

“Chris Brown, you can beat me!” some young girls tweeted. I was equal parts shocked, frightened, and disappointed. I’ve also seen the many jokes about Chris Brown’s abuse of former girlfriend and collaborator, Rihanna. I get that…

Real Romance: A Single Latina’s Quest for True Love

Yep. Here it is: early February the time of year that, in the past, has induced a gag reflex in me and the burning desire to crane-kick random strangers in the style of Mr. Miyagi. A time when everything suddenly goes all shades of pink,…

Why Get Married?

Why should we get married, especially if we've been married before? That seems to be a popular question nowadays! "Matthew McConaughey Engaged to Camila Alves," blares the headline on a popular tabloid website. Along with the article…

How to Avoid Fighting With Your Spouse During the Holidays

Of course you want to avoid fighting with your spouse during the holidays but, how? Unfortunately the most heated fights of the year between couples occur precisely when they should be experiencing peace on earth and goodwill towards…

Latinas and Domestic Violence

Latinas are widely affected by domestic violence. He drove me insane. There was just so much I could take. I took revenge. These are phrases uttered by women who are victims of domestic violence. But tragically, after being beaten…

Gay Marriage: To Do or Not to Do?

I am reminded each day I park my car that the pressure will never subside. A billboard from a storage company cries out to couples tying the knot: "IF YOU DONT LIKE GAY MARRIAGE, DONT GET GAY MARRIED."It's not the political message that's…
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TV Shows For Couples

Lots of commentary has been written on parenting sites about co-viewing television programs with your children, but I think an issue way more relevant to my life, and probably yours, is trying to find a show that my husband and I both want…