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Mistletoe & More: 5 Romantic Holiday Activities to Do With Your Sweetheart

Romance your loved one this holiday season with spontaneous acts of love and unique activities. As you prepare for the holidays, incorporate a few of the following activities that will make your special someone melt, swoon and enjoy all the…

Marry or Live Together: The Financial Pros & Cons

UPDATED August 1st, 2016 It goes without saying that the decision to get married should not be based solely on financial gain—unless of course, as with some couples, it’s your reason for getting married in the first place. Simply consolidating…
New Moms: When You Resent Your Baby's Dad

New Moms: When You Resent Your Baby’s Dad

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Being a new mom can be an overwhelming experience (to say the least!) and it’s not uncommon to start resenting the man who provided you with this bundle of joy. After all, he didn’t have to go through nine months of pregnancy, painful labor,…

7 Signs That You Shouldn’t Marry Him

As much as I hate to admit it, I, too, want to be a bride. Even though I’m a career oriented and driven mujer, I want to put on that exquisite, long white dress and walk down the aisle. One thing I refuse to do, however, is settle. I always…

Getting Along with Your Stepmom

I have been blessed with having more than one mother in my life. And I have been blessed to have two stepmoms, so I have had to learn about how to deal with them to keep the peace and maintain a healthy relationship with my father. Specifically,…

5 Steps for Disciplining Your Stepchild

If getting them to like you is your priority when it comes to your stepchildren, then good for you for wanting to foster strong bonds with your extended family. But that doesn’t mean you put aside solid rules and thoughtful discipline. Here…

Should You Forgive a Cheater?

Could you forgive infidelity? Should you forgive a cheater? If you are asking yourself this question, it means that a part of you is willing to forgive your partner’s infidelity. But, there is not a universal or simple answer as to whether…
5 Things NOT to Discuss with Your Husband-MainPhoto

5 Things NOT to Discuss with Your Husband

There’s no doubt that the best marriages are based on honesty and mutual trust. But that doesn’t mean you and your husband have to share ever detail or your lives prior to meeting each other, or that you have to say exactly what’s on…

How to Recognize & Help Victims of Domestic Violence

At one time or another, you may have suspected that a friend, neighbor or loved one was a victim of domestic violence. Maybe she bore the telltale marks of physical abuse, or the more subtle signs of depression and isolation that accompany…