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My Daughter’s Two Gay Dads-MainPhoto

My Daughter’s Two Gay Dads

On Father’s Day our daughter's papa was at the beach. Not just any beach but that New York mecca for wealthy, sun-tanned gay party boys called Fire Island. Luna, our daughter, was home with her two Mommies adoringly decorating a ceramic…

How to Address Homosexuality with Your Children

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Latina Mom TV host Tania Luviano was reading a book to her 5-year-old son when she found herself in a peculiar situation: The boy in the book turned out to have two mommies, which her son inquired about. Tania froze and then changed the subject.…

Obama, Equality, and Two Gay Moms From Barnard

This morning as we scrambled to get Luna off to school, there came a moment when the timeline of my life leapt into fast forward. I was carrying around an iPad turned to CNN, checking in to see what news awaited me at work, while Luna danced…