Latina Mom TV host Tania Luviano was reading a book to her 5-year-old son when she found herself in a peculiar situation: The boy in the book turned out to have two mommies, which her son inquired about. Tania froze and then changed the subject. Coincidentally, this happened the same week President Obama made headlines around the world, saying he supported gay marriage. Curious as to how she—and other parents—might handle the subject of homosexuality, Luviano, a former TV investigative reporter went in search of answers to questions such as: “How do I talk to my kids about gays and lesbians?” “What words should I use?” “How many details should I give my child about homosexuality?” Here’s the advice Dr. Paula Weisman, a child psychologist, had to offer about how to have a conversation with children of all ages about homosexuality.