6 Reasons Why Laughter Therapy is the Ultimate Tool for Emotional Survival

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UPDATED June 6th, 2018 They say laughter is the best medicine, and while we’re not sure that laughter therapy can actually ease our menstrual cramps or cure Cancer (wishful thinking), it’s comforting to know that the act of laughing can…

True Friends: 7 Tips on Becoming Your Squad’s Number One Girl

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Ever since Taylor Swift strutted her stuff with her crew of gal pals we’ve all been having major squad goals. Same goes for Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer’s blossoming best friendship—we want to hang out with these true friends immediately.…

9 Reasons why Colombians are Some of the Happiest People

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If you’re looking to explore a new country, then you might want to visit a destination that is known for having happy locals—after all, if people love living there it’s probably for a good reason. And at the top of the list of happiest…

10 Inner Peace Quotes that Will Save Your Soul!

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Between your career, your kids, your nagging in-laws and that never-ending to-do list that you never quite get to tackle, your day is filled with sources of stress. So wouldn’t it be nice to have a moment of pure inner peace and calm where…

Grudge Buster: Tips on How to Forgive Someone & Forget

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People argue, people disagree and more often than you might like, people will disappoint you. But if you want to live a happy life that isn’t filled with anger and frustration, you need to learn how to forgive someone and move past your…

Sibling Relationships: How to Tighten the Bond with Your Sister or Brother

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Friends come and go, but family is forever—especially sibling relationships. While you may love your parents and your extended family, nothing can quite compare to the relationships you have with your siblings. Sure you might roughhouse…

7 Reasons why Laughter Therapy as a Family is Emotional Glue

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It’s no secret that laughing is fun. It feels good, and it makes you feel happy. Sure, sometimes it makes your stomach and cheeks hurt, but in the best possible way. And believe it or not, there are medical reasons why laughter therapy is…