Purge-a-Thon: How to Get on Closet Organization for Spring

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Updated May 2nd, 2018 Winter has finally come and gone (and let us all say, AMEN) and the freedom of summer is so close we can almost feel the fresh air and humidity. Spring is here and as the weather improves—and so does your mood—there…
How to Build Your Own Home Theater-MainPhoto

DIY Your Own Home Theater

UPDATED November 15th, 2017 If you’re a movie aficionado with a massive archive of converted DVDs stored on a terabyte-sized hard drive, having a personal home theater is a real treat. But it’s an expensive one. Home theaters can easily…

The Simple Art of Folding at Home Correctly

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Raise your hand if you hate laundry day more than just about any other day of the week, even more than Sunday (which also happens to be our laundry day). You’re not alone. Anyone who claims they love washing and folding at home is lying,…

How to Grow an Indoor Herb Garden You’ll Actually Use

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When you’re whipping up dinner and the recipe calls for some fresh herbs, do you freak out when you realize you don’t have anything close to fresh basil or mint? And a trip to the grocery store doesn’t seem all that realistic when you’re…

How to Clean an Oven Like a Total Pro

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Have you thought about how to clean an oven lately? If you consider yourself to be a clean person then you probably tend to the more visible areas of your home on a regular basis. You clean your floors, make the bed, wash countertops, do the…

Photography Techniques: The Art of Artsy Photos

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It seems social media has made everyone and their mother fulltime lifestyle photographers. But from all the photos you see every day on your feeds what exactly makes an artsy photo? What photography techniques can you employ? Many factors,…

Out-Of-The-Box Wrapping Paper Ideas to Try This Season

Bored with your standard drugstore wrapping paper with Christmas trees and snowmen on them? This year, instead of following traditional protocol, think out of the box with some arty wrapping ideas to wow those you love. Corinna van Gerwen,…

DIY Xmas Ornaments to Make with Your Kids

There’s something magical about homemade Christmas ornaments. Some may be heirlooms, you may have bought some from a local artisan and others made by the precious hands of your budding little artists at home. When making DIY ornaments with…

8 Cosmetic Vinegar Benefits You Had No Idea Were a Thing

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We all work hard to look and feel beautiful each day. In fact, you probably spend a lot of time each morning perfecting your look, and a lot of time each night taking care of your of everything from your complexion to your hair to your smile.…