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Good Cop, Bad Cop: 10 Ways to Re-Think Your Disciplining Style

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No one wants to be associated with bad parenting, right? You’ve mastered the art of the one-handed diaper change. You can pump while you prep dinner or draft a work email, or both. You can anticipate your child’s moods, needs, bowel movements,…

Digital Abstinence: 15 Things that May Happen if you Put Yourself on a Tech Fast

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At some point or another, we’ve all tried to have a conversation with a loved one who has his or her face buried in a smartphone or tablet. Heck, we’ve even been the person who’s too focused on our tech devices to be a good listener.…

The Great Candy Compromise: 10 Ways to Negotiate Sweets Consumption with Your Kids on Halloween

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  Halloween is around the corner and with it comes trick or treating. Now, we’re not bad-mouthing this annual funfest for the little ones but, let’s face it, Halloween health is a bit of an oxymoron. After trick-or-treating, most kids…

Ups & Downs: 15 Tips on the Art of Elevator Etiquette

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The elevator is a particularly unique social environment that we all have to tolerate, some of us daily and some just every once in a while. They’re actually a common mode of...let’s call it transportation for lack of a better phrase.…

Pal Up: 15 Surprising Ways to Be Your Kid’s Best Friend

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When you become a parent everything changes, and we're not just talking about your sleep schedule (or lack of) or your free time (as in, you now have none). Your role in the family changes too. Suddenly you become a protector, a teacher, a…

Yes Means No: 10 Reasons Why Some Kids Respond to Reverse Psychology

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UPDATED: August 1st, 2016 If you are one of the many parents who just spent 20 minutes vehemently negotiating with your three-year-old, then rest assured, you're not alone. We're talking to you mom at the playground begging for your toddler…

Young & Grumpy: 10 Ways to Help Your Kid be a Morning Person

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Ah, Summer…lazy mornings spent on the terrace with coffee, time to read the news before the kids wake up, and then—BANG! Summer gives way to fall, the weather starts to turn and the infamous school bells ring. If you have a child who wakes…

Delving In: 15 Facts About Suicide & Depression Few of Us Know

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Hearing the news of Robin Williams’ death felt like we lost a favorite uncle. Then learning that his death was a result of suicide made it almost unbearable to consider. Although Williams spoke openly of his struggles with depression and…

The Safe Makers: 13 Ways Moms Can Help Kids Stay Out of Gangs

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When it comes to keeping our children safe and sheltered from youth gangs, we often feel helpless. Despite our feeling of powerlessness, educators and law enforcement officials agree that effective parenting and being a positive role model…