Steve-Wozniak-on-Empowering-Tweens-MainPhotoLos Tweens Logo-NewHow amazing would it be if the next Steve Wozniak was a Latina?

Through our partnership with Ford Motor Company and the development of the Celebrate Education (#CelebrateEDU) series, our Los Tweens team is working to inspire multicultural parents of girls to help their daughters prepare for careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)-related fields.  We already have produced two posts featuring great tips from each of our interviews with high-level STEM-focused females at Ford.  And then we had the huge opportunity to be able to ask Steve Wozniak for his point of view during the Further with Ford Conference.

We specifically asked Steve “As parents, how can you inspire innovation in your children?” His response, “Let them imagine, develop, create and experiment.  Don’t make them follow a pattern- let them make their own pattern. Don’t be afraid if they fail.  It’s part of the process.” And he urges us to not dismiss youth.  As he reminded Cristy and I, “A bunch of twenty-somethings created the personal computer out of a garage.”

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