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5 Ideas to Make Your Kids’ Summer Unforgettable!-MainPhoto

5 Summer Activities To Make Your Kids Vacation Unforgettable!

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For some parents, summer vacation actually means a lot of extra work spent on planning eight weeks worth of entertainment for their kids.  During the summer, parents are not only looking for ways to keep their kids busy, but also looking…

Why Success Takes More Than a College Degree

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I hope that all my kids will go to college and earn a degree. Yet I’m old enough—and hopefully wise enough—to know that a degree by itself is no guarantee of personal or professional success. For that reason, I’m already trying to…

Reading Tips for Tweens to Make them Better Readers

Los Tweens give reading tips for tweens to help them enjoy the best books this summer. Summer is a great time to keep your tweens reading but letting them explore new titles or genres. And it’s a terrific opportunity to have them read…

Steve Wozniak on Empowering Tweens

How amazing would it be if the next Steve Wozniak was a Latina? Through our partnership with Ford Motor Company and the development of the Celebrate Education (#CelebrateEDU) series, our Los Tweens team is working to inspire multicultural…

Online: The New Modern Generation

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It turns out that your kids are doing a lot more than just texting and IMing with their smartphones, tablets and laptops. According to the Internet Innovation Alliance, they’re a generation connected to broadband in a completely unprecedented…

New Census Data Foretells a Multicultural Majority

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For the first time ever, the majority of American children under 5 years of age are non-white, according to new a Census Bureau report. The data, gathered in 2012, shows that in particular, immigration and high birth rates among Latinos has…

Helping Your Tween Keep Learning in The Summer

Sleep in, watch TV, go to camp, hang out with friends and play video games – that about sums up my tween’s plans for the summer. It came as a bit of a shock to them when I grabbed the pages from their school work books that they hadn’t…

Follow Friday Back-to-School Blogger Roundup

Who did you #FF today? It's always a tough call, because there are so many wonderful and interesting Tweeps out there. We do appreciate those who follow us, tweet and retweet and comment on our new ventures. So today is the last vacation…

FAFSA Tips For Parents

If paying for college is one of the most important considerations you have regarding your child’s education, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is your gateway into scholarships, subsidized student loans and a host of…