The Benefits of Private Coaches for Kids-MainPhoto

The Benefits of Private Coaches for Kids-MainPhoto

In today’s ultra-competitive world, a private sports coach simply makes sense for a young athlete. The complexities of sporting teams, clubs, private schools, and college sports is increasing and a private coach can help navigate those murky waters. A private coach also helps build confidence in and a passion for the child’s sport of choice.

Parents have long seen immediate improvement from one-on-one academic tutoring and musical instruction. As the landscape of competitive sports continues to evolve, parents are now discovering the value of private coaching in helping achieve the child’s athletic goals.

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An experienced private coach will generally have expertise in many, if not all, of the following areas of the game; game rules, position specific tactics, aerobic and strength training, nutrition, sports psychology and familiarity with recruitment processes. Understandably, not all parents are equipped to teach the skills and nuances of a sport beyond the beginner level and can negatively impact the parent-child relationship when assuming the role of a sports coach. Most parents with a background in their child’s sport are usually the first to see the need for individual instruction, and transition their child to a private coach early on.

For parents who do not have experience in their child’s sport, or are wary of private coaching, there are many benefits to one-on-one coaching beyond sport specific tips and skill development.

1) A private coach has an immediate impact on performance.
Unlike a book or video, a coach develops tailored training sessions focused on specific areas where an athlete needs the most development. Mistakes can be instantly corrected, eliminating the risk of developing bad habits. The chances of the “do-it -yourselfer” going astray multiply as small differences in form can make for huge losses in performance over time and without supervision. A private coach also reinforces good technique, discipline and love for the game.

2) A private coach can have a long term impact on a young athlete’s career.
In only a few sessions, a child sees concrete gains in individual performance and competitive effectiveness with peers, in turn, fueling confidence. The resulting shift in attitude due to increased confidence helps a young athlete tackle future challenges, both on and off the field. Even small gains can inspire and athlete to keep working on their skills and reinforce positive behavior. Successful athletes continue this dedication to improvement over the long term, which shows in the game, in school, and in life.

3) A private coach can become a mentor figure and a sound-board for frustration.
There’s something to be said for the non-technical impact a private coach can have on a young athlete. More often than not, a coach has played his or her sport for many years and can relate to the difficulties and frustrations of a young athlete. A private coach ultimately helps the athlete overcome these challenges by equipping him or her with right tools and by being a great role model.

4) A private coach can complement a team coach and help fill in the gaps.
As extra responsibilities are added to a team coach’s plate and budgets are tightened, team coaches no longer have spare time to work with athletes one-on-one. Beyond time and resource restraints, team coaches often lack specific technical expertise or position specific expertise to provide specialized instruction for each unique player. Here is where a private coach can help “fill in the gaps” of group instruction. This will strengthen a child individually, and make him or her a stronger contributor to a team, in the end enhancing the value of a team coach’s instruction.

About the Author:
Jordan Fliegel is the Founder and CEO of CoachUp. CoachUp is nationwide service that connects athletes with private coaches to help them reach the next level in sports, and in life. A mediocre high school basketball player, Fliegel had the opportunity to work with a private coach who changed the trajectory of his life. Fliegel went on to play college and professional basketball and became a private coach. Recognizing the value of private coaching, he founded CoachUp to make private coaching more accessible to young athletes. Today, CoachUp has more than 7,000 coaches across the country and across every sport, from basketball to yoga.