9. Be a Role Model
Babies are sponges and pick up every signal you send. From day one, try to be the kind of parent you admire, and go the extra mile to teach them right from wrong and to provide them with a solid moral compass.

10. Read to Them in the Womb 
Studies show that children can hear and begin learning in the womb during the last 10 weeks of pregnancy. They start building the foundations of language when you speak or read to them. And mom’s voice comes through the clearest since baby has a direct line.

11. Expose Them to Music in the Womb
If your child can hear your voice in utero, they can also hear the sound of music playing. There’s no definitive study that says one kind of music is better than another for prenatal development but you may want to avoid death metal. Put on music that you enjoy and chances are the baby will be rocking to the same beat.